Saturday, February 14, 2009

Distilling Ethanol - Grain Alcohol (links)

  * The level of interest in using alcohol as a motor fuel has followed cycles of fuel shortages and/or low feed-grain prices.
  * Alcohols burn more completely, thus increasing combustion efficiency.
  * There are many disadvantages to using alcohols, particularly methyl and ethyl alcohol.
  * Advantages of mixing alcohol with gasoline are that alcohol tends to increase the octane rating and reduce carbon monoxide emissions.
  * Alcohols may corrode certain materials used in engines.

  How to modify an injection system: It's Toyota-specific, but applies
  to most electronic fuel injection systems.

  How To Modify Your Car To Run On Alcohol Fuel: "Guidelines for
  converting gasoline engines (With Specific Instructions for
  Air-Cooled Volkswagens)" by Roger Lippman, April 1982 -- Five-chapter
  online book:

  How To Adapt Your Automobile Engine For Ethyl Alcohol Use -- Mother
  Earth Alcohol Fuel Manual. Biofuels Library

  More info in Mother Earth Alcohol Fuel and The Manual for the Home
  and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel in the Biofuels Library

  Distilling Ethanol - The conversion of cellulose, such as sawdust, cornstalks, newspaper and other substances

  Charts on Grain Usage and Exports - University of Maryland


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