Monday, March 9, 2009

E20 - Bio-Ethanol 20%

Ford is a world class leading automotive company, which is always committed to invent alternative fuelled vehicles. Ford is proud to support Indonesian government in the effort to conserve energy resources through varieties of Ford products in Indonesia.

Ford is fully aware that energy conversation is a very critical issue whether in Indonesia or in global environment. Ford is in a leading position towards more fuel-efficient machine technology development environmental friendly, and is open to new alternative technology utilization such as hybrid, bio-diesel, gasohol, and hydrogen. In Indonesia, Ford has presented the most recent state of the art automotive technology, which is in line with local regulations regarding newest emission level requirements derived from global markets including Europe and United States. Indonesian Government through Pertamina has launched a certain fuel containing substances from vegetable oil such as bio-solar for diesel machines and bio-gasoline for gasoline machines.

Ford Focus variants, which are available in Indonesia, have already been designed to consume gasoline and bio-ethanol mixtures in order to allow 20% of its substance ingredients to be obtained from local plants in Indonesia such as various sugar canes and tubers. Besides Ford Focus that has utilized ethanol as mixing fuel ingredients up to 20%, Ford also has Ford Ranger and Ford Everest that consume Bio-Diesel with 5% mixture of biofuel which are already available in Indonesia.

The development of biofuel has a wide social and economic dimension, which expected to boost economic development in rural and provincial areas, especially for farmer who plant sugar-cane, tuber, and corn since the three farm products are the key-ingredients for producing bio-ethanol. This is also true for farmers producing and palm oil, key ingredients for making bio-diesel fuel. By strengthening the economic development in rural and provincial areas, Ford expect to support and encourage initiatives and programs with regards to social problems such as poverty allegation, urbanization and education programs.

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